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KAKKELINKA pours coffee into a cup and adds milk. PAPSE enters the kitchen.

PAPSE: (picking up the cup) What is this? You put too much milk in my coffee again.

KAKKELINKA: (defensively) No, I didn't. That's the perfect amount of milk.

PAPSE: (irritated) It's not. Can't you ever get it right?

KAKKELINKA: (angrily) I always get it right! You're just being impossible to please!

PAPSE: (yelling) No, you're not listening to me! I want less milk in my coffee!

KAKKELINKA: (shouting) You always find something to complain about! I'm tired of it!

PAPSE slams the cup on the counter, shattering it.

PAPSE: (seething) That's it, I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving.

PAPSE storms out of the kitchen, leaving KAKKELINKA standing there in shock.

KAKKELINKA: (to herself) What just happened?


from afa


PAPSE is on the phone, pacing back and forth. BANKOKALLE's voice is heard from the other end of the line.

PAPSE: Can you believe it, BANKOKALLE? KAKKELINKA misplaced another cup in the kitchen cupboard! It's like she's doing it on purpose to drive me crazy.

BANKOKALLE: (on the phone) Maybe it was just a mistake, PAPSE. You know how forgetful KAKKELINKA can be sometimes.

PAPSE: (rolling her eyes) It's not just the cup, BANKOKALLE. KAKKELINKA never helps out around the house, and she's always leaving her stuff lying around.

As PAPSE continues to gossip, KAKKELINKA enters the room and overhears the conversation.

KAKKELINKA: (shouting) How dare you talk about me like that, PAPSE! You're always complaining about everything I do.

PAPSE: (defensive) I'm not complaining, KAKKELINKA. I'm just venting to BANKOKALLE.

KAKKELINKA: (angry) It's not just this one time. You're always criticizing me and never appreciating anything I do.

PAPSE: (frustrated) Well, maybe if you actually did more around the house and paid attention to where things go, I wouldn't have to complain all the time!

KAKKELINKA: (shouting) I can't believe you! You're so ungrateful, PAPSE. I do so much for this household, and you don't even notice.

PAPSE: (yelling back) That's not true, KAKKELINKA! You're the one who never acknowledges all the things I do for us.

KAKKELINKA: (angrily) I don't have to acknowledge anything. It's my house too!

PAPSE: (fuming) Fine, if that's how you want to be, then maybe we should just go our separate ways!

KAKKELINKA: (agitated) Maybe we should, PAPSE! I can't stand being with someone who doesn't appreciate me.

PAPSE: (firmly) Fine! Then it's settled. We're done.

As PAPSE continues to talk on the phone, KAKKELINKA snatches the phone out of her hand.


KAKKELINKA hangs up the phone and looks at PAPSE.

KAKKELINKA: (upset) I can't believe you would talk about me like that, PAPSE. You're supposed to be my friend.

PAPSE: (ashamed) I

'm sorry, KAKKELINKA. I didn't mean to hurt you. I was just venting and I didn't realize you were there.

KAKKELINKA: (sighs) It's not just this one time, PAPSE. I feel like you're always criticizing me and never appreciating anything I do. It hurts my feelings.

PAPSE: (regretful) I know, and I'm sorry. I do appreciate you, KAKKELINKA. I just don't always express it.

KAKKELINKA: (tearfully) It's just that I feel like I'm not enough for you, PAPSE. Like everything I do is wrong.

PAPSE: (comforting) That's not true, KAKKELINKA. I love you just the way you are, quirks and all. I'll try to be more appreciative in the future.

KAKKELINKA: (smiling through tears) Thank you, PAPSE. I love you too.

PAPSE and KAKKELINKA embrace, both feeling relieved that they were able to clear the air and work through their issues.



from afa


PAPSE is standing in front of the kitchen cupboard, looking frustrated. KAKKELINKA enters the room.

KAKKELINKA: Hey, what's wrong?

PAPSE: What's wrong? This is wrong! (points to the cupboard) You put the cup in the wrong place again!

KAKKELINKA: (confused) What cup? What wrong place?

PAPSE: (exasperated) The cup I always use for my morning coffee! It's supposed to be on the top shelf, on the left side, right next to the sugar jar! But you put it on the bottom shelf, on the right side, behind the cereal boxes!

KAKKELINKA: (apologetic) Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was such a big deal.

PAPSE: (frustrated) It is a big deal! I need my coffee in the morning to start my day, and I don't have time to search for it every time!

KAKKELINKA: (trying to be helpful) Well, why don't you just move it to a more convenient spot yourself?

PAPSE: (angry) Because I shouldn't have to! We agreed on where things go in the kitchen, and you keep messing it up! It's like you don't care about me or our home!

KAKKELINKA: (defensive) That's not true! I do care, but sometimes I forget or make mistakes. It's not like I'm doing it on purpose.

PAPSE: (calming down a bit) I know, I know. But it's just frustrating when it happens over and over again. Can we please try to be more consistent with where we put things?

KAKKELINKA: (nodding) Sure, I'll try my best. And I'm sorry for causing you stress.

PAPSE: (smiling) Thanks, I appreciate it. And sorry for getting so worked up over a cup.

KAKKELINKA: (laughing) It's okay, I understand. It's the little things that can drive us crazy sometimes.

PAPSE and KAKKELINKA hug, and the tension dissipates.



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AMOK lige her, live fra nilsmachine. Jeg hedder internt og vil gerne online, sådan rigtigt!!!



from hack the shit out!!!

The default keyboard shortcuts are:

     C-r: Refresh
     C-h: Focus groups list
C-l, C-k: Focus articles list
     C-j: Focus preview pane
     C-q: Quit
       k: Move up in list
       j: Move down in list
       h: Move left in list
       l: Move right in list
       g: Move to the beginning of list/text
       G: Move to the end of list/text
      CR: Select item in list
       n: Publish new article
       r: Reply to selected article


OMFG I LOVE THIS MACHINE SO MUCH. It's close to a 10/10 but not quite.

First of all, it's old. Released in 1992 and it sounds like that. Purely digital, all sounds are just samples and there are many of them, 210 in total. Most are a bit meh, but some are exciting and exotic (it has timbales, shaker, cabasa, pandiero, surdo, agogos, chekere, triangle, guiro and cuica), it can even make funky bass lines.

Sounds may be cheesy on their own, all 28 kick drums, 45 snares and 36 toms of them, but I like to spice up my 4/4 kick by adding a low volume snare and a zap to it (ie. playing a kick, snare and zap at the same time). Nobody wants to sound like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and Pet Shop Boys too much.

Programming it seems daunting at first, but once you get to know it, you will get intimate and it will feel like steaming hot gay techno sex.

Mine has a flat battery, so i never bothered to learn the structuring of songs on it, but i suppose it's simple enough. I didn't learn how to set up the MIDI either, so i usually place this one as first in a MIDI chain.

Rating: 8/10



The Behringer TD-3 is a clone of the Roland TB-303 Bass Line. It's pretty fun with all it's squelch and shit; good for instant ACID TECHNO.... but it's a load of crap!

Really, programming it is such a fucking drag and it's really just a one-trick pony. The original was a big flop when it came out and i completely understand why.

I'd like to get my hands on the TD-3 MO (modded out) version, just to see if it's any better (more knobs, more fun, no?), although i highly doubt it. Maybe having one modulating the other could be interesting? I think i will look for one on eBay in a couple of years.

Rating: 2/10.


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kom til 3 dages kulturfestival for julehadere

24. til 26. dec 2022

mere info følger...

der vil være vegansk mad som intet har med kristendom at gøre samt radikal performancekunst og noisemusik, filmklub og digtoplæsning.

Læs videre...

from noisebob



from noisebob





Event by Mia Beier Rosenkrantzgade 1B, 8000 Aarhus C, Danmark

Kvindelig label inviterer til 'frejdig fredag' på Amok i Aarhus 🖤

Følgende acts spiller:

✨️Mystisk Müsli (Hadsten)

Mystisk Müsli eksisterer i grænselandet mellem støj og musik i en kaotisk men legende verden, hvor tunge problematiske emner bliver taget op på en let fordøjelig og til tider humoristisk måde. Snørklede beats og mystiske melodier bliver tvunget ud af hverdagens kendte lyde og serveres i en lunefuld men dansabel form.

✨️Skærm Følelse (Aarhus)

Skærm Følelse is searching for new experimental electronic sounds, ranging from silent ambient at the speed of a rock to speeding kick drums that might just make you shine a little bit.

✨️Uranes (Norge)

Norwegian noisemaker currently based in Copenhagen.

✨️Xah (Ukraine)

Kyiv based harsh noise act playing on self made scrap metal sculptures.

Dørene åbner kl. 18.00


from "FLABU"

tyg mad for andre læg et æg og byg en rede af cigaretskodder og kviste

Hunden siger VOV VOV vov vov vov siger den

Kom her, kat Jeg slår dig ihjel