Write a dialogue between characters PAPSE and KAKKELINKA. One is angry with the other because of a misplaced cup in the kitchen cupboard.


PAPSE is standing in front of the kitchen cupboard, looking frustrated. KAKKELINKA enters the room.

KAKKELINKA: Hey, what's wrong?

PAPSE: What's wrong? This is wrong! (points to the cupboard) You put the cup in the wrong place again!

KAKKELINKA: (confused) What cup? What wrong place?

PAPSE: (exasperated) The cup I always use for my morning coffee! It's supposed to be on the top shelf, on the left side, right next to the sugar jar! But you put it on the bottom shelf, on the right side, behind the cereal boxes!

KAKKELINKA: (apologetic) Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was such a big deal.

PAPSE: (frustrated) It is a big deal! I need my coffee in the morning to start my day, and I don't have time to search for it every time!

KAKKELINKA: (trying to be helpful) Well, why don't you just move it to a more convenient spot yourself?

PAPSE: (angry) Because I shouldn't have to! We agreed on where things go in the kitchen, and you keep messing it up! It's like you don't care about me or our home!

KAKKELINKA: (defensive) That's not true! I do care, but sometimes I forget or make mistakes. It's not like I'm doing it on purpose.

PAPSE: (calming down a bit) I know, I know. But it's just frustrating when it happens over and over again. Can we please try to be more consistent with where we put things?

KAKKELINKA: (nodding) Sure, I'll try my best. And I'm sorry for causing you stress.

PAPSE: (smiling) Thanks, I appreciate it. And sorry for getting so worked up over a cup.

KAKKELINKA: (laughing) It's okay, I understand. It's the little things that can drive us crazy sometimes.

PAPSE and KAKKELINKA hug, and the tension dissipates.