PAPSE gossips to her friend BANKOKALLE about the fight she had with KAKKELINKA on the phone.


PAPSE is on the phone, pacing back and forth. BANKOKALLE's voice is heard from the other end of the line.

PAPSE: Can you believe it, BANKOKALLE? KAKKELINKA misplaced another cup in the kitchen cupboard! It's like she's doing it on purpose to drive me crazy.

BANKOKALLE: (on the phone) Maybe it was just a mistake, PAPSE. You know how forgetful KAKKELINKA can be sometimes.

PAPSE: (rolling her eyes) It's not just the cup, BANKOKALLE. KAKKELINKA never helps out around the house, and she's always leaving her stuff lying around.

As PAPSE continues to gossip, KAKKELINKA enters the room and overhears the conversation.

KAKKELINKA: (shouting) How dare you talk about me like that, PAPSE! You're always complaining about everything I do.

PAPSE: (defensive) I'm not complaining, KAKKELINKA. I'm just venting to BANKOKALLE.

KAKKELINKA: (angry) It's not just this one time. You're always criticizing me and never appreciating anything I do.

PAPSE: (frustrated) Well, maybe if you actually did more around the house and paid attention to where things go, I wouldn't have to complain all the time!

KAKKELINKA: (shouting) I can't believe you! You're so ungrateful, PAPSE. I do so much for this household, and you don't even notice.

PAPSE: (yelling back) That's not true, KAKKELINKA! You're the one who never acknowledges all the things I do for us.

KAKKELINKA: (angrily) I don't have to acknowledge anything. It's my house too!

PAPSE: (fuming) Fine, if that's how you want to be, then maybe we should just go our separate ways!

KAKKELINKA: (agitated) Maybe we should, PAPSE! I can't stand being with someone who doesn't appreciate me.

PAPSE: (firmly) Fine! Then it's settled. We're done.

As PAPSE continues to talk on the phone, KAKKELINKA snatches the phone out of her hand.


KAKKELINKA hangs up the phone and looks at PAPSE.

KAKKELINKA: (upset) I can't believe you would talk about me like that, PAPSE. You're supposed to be my friend.

PAPSE: (ashamed) I

'm sorry, KAKKELINKA. I didn't mean to hurt you. I was just venting and I didn't realize you were there.

KAKKELINKA: (sighs) It's not just this one time, PAPSE. I feel like you're always criticizing me and never appreciating anything I do. It hurts my feelings.

PAPSE: (regretful) I know, and I'm sorry. I do appreciate you, KAKKELINKA. I just don't always express it.

KAKKELINKA: (tearfully) It's just that I feel like I'm not enough for you, PAPSE. Like everything I do is wrong.

PAPSE: (comforting) That's not true, KAKKELINKA. I love you just the way you are, quirks and all. I'll try to be more appreciative in the future.

KAKKELINKA: (smiling through tears) Thank you, PAPSE. I love you too.

PAPSE and KAKKELINKA embrace, both feeling relieved that they were able to clear the air and work through their issues.