KAKKELINKA and PAPSE fight more about a cup, this time about the amount of milk to coffee ratio. fight ends with PAPSE smashing a cup and leaving the room.


KAKKELINKA pours coffee into a cup and adds milk. PAPSE enters the kitchen.

PAPSE: (picking up the cup) What is this? You put too much milk in my coffee again.

KAKKELINKA: (defensively) No, I didn't. That's the perfect amount of milk.

PAPSE: (irritated) It's not. Can't you ever get it right?

KAKKELINKA: (angrily) I always get it right! You're just being impossible to please!

PAPSE: (yelling) No, you're not listening to me! I want less milk in my coffee!

KAKKELINKA: (shouting) You always find something to complain about! I'm tired of it!

PAPSE slams the cup on the counter, shattering it.

PAPSE: (seething) That's it, I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving.

PAPSE storms out of the kitchen, leaving KAKKELINKA standing there in shock.

KAKKELINKA: (to herself) What just happened?